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Internet loans online and borrowings are currently the most popular source of obtaining cash and have successfully replaced borrowing from family and friends who, especially in such uncertain times, are reluctant to fulfill such “requests”, and as you know, nobody likes to refuse. Loans have become a popular form of temporarily building up the household budget. You can take it for any purpose without guarantors, which is undoubtedly its biggest advantage. To get an internet loan online, you must make a declaration and fulfill some basic conditions.

This is nothing other than household income, after deducting all living expenses. The remaining amount should be enough not only to repay the loan!

In addition, the person applying for a loan is required to provide the bank with documents on the basis of which the bank is able to verify the identity and determine the creditworthiness (identity document and income certificate). It may also happen that during the examination of an application or after the conditional granting of a loan, banks may require additional documents, e.g. account statements for the last three months. And if two people submit a loan application – each of them must submit a set of documents.

The next step of the bank is to check us in the registers of debtors

money loan

If our history is not the best, we can face a negative decision. However, if we receive a positive decision, we only need to indicate the bank account to transfer the funds. If we have other bank or non-bank obligations that we stop dealing with, but there is a chance to get a loan to cover all current liabilities – it is worth doing it. It is better to have one larger loan than several smaller ones .

On Goodpoint Financial – Borrow more for longer Thu, 14 Nov 2019 03:59:50 +0000 As he declares on his site, On Goodpoint believes that under the leadership of a team with many years of experience and a leading position in the financial services industry in the UK, everyone should have access to a simple and reliable loan. The company’s mission is to help hard-working people improve their quality of life and fulfill their financial obligations by offering fair credit terms. On Goodpoint is part of the listed company Penova International, Inc. , which has been providing financial services to over five million customers worldwide over the past 10 years.

What criteria do I have to meet to get a loan?

What criteria do I have to meet to get a loan?

To receive a loan at On Goodpoint, you must have an active bank account, be at least 18 years old, live permanently in the UK and have regular income. Remember, however, that the final decision belongs to the company. Both the application and the amount you want to borrow can be rejected. Your creditworthiness and repayment options will be assessed. On this basis, you will also determine the interest that you will have to pay back. Of course, the better the ability, the better the offer. Remember to consider taking a loan well. It shouldn’t be a permanent way to survive. We also strongly advise against taking a new loan to pay off the previous one. This can lead to a debt loop. The amount to be repaid will increase all the time and your creditworthiness will decrease. After all, you won’t be able to borrow anything anymore. However, if you are sure that you will have something to pay off your obligations and you have sudden expense, it seems to be an option for you. You can pay installments using CPA or DDI. The first one is a kind of standing direct debit. You no longer have to worry about paying the installment. It means that you give the loan company permission to access your account and withdraw funds without asking for permission each time. Remember that you can withdraw them at any time. Contact the lender or your bank for this purpose. Usually, however, you will need to provide an alternative form of loan repayment. The second form of paying installments is Direct Debit Instruction (DDI). It’s something like an electronic check. On Goodpoint Financial sends a payment notification directly to your bank, and then the bank sends the appropriate amount back to the company.

How much and under what conditions can I borrow?

How much and under what conditions can I borrow?

On Goodpoint offers loans with a loan term from 6 to 36 months. You can borrow an amount of between 150-5000 dollars. So this is not a typical lender. The interest rate is very different and depends on the assessment of your creditworthiness, based on the data that you enter in the application form. At six months, the differences are very large. Interest can amount to 50% base rate, but they can also 275 percent With the extension of the loan period, the upper limit is getting lower. At 36 months, the only option is 50 percent base rate. The same applies to the amount. The higher the lower the upper interest limit. As a result, such loans are more difficult to access. Let’s assume, however, that you borrow $ 500 a year. Consider the best case when the interest rate is 50 percent. base rate and the worst for this option when it is 150 percent. In the first case, the loan installment is 53.79 dollars. In total, you will give back 645.51 dollars, so 145.51 dollars more than you borrowed. This gives 29.1 percent. total interest per year. When your creditworthiness is worse, you will have to pay 150% interest. base rate. In this case, the installment will increase to 82.70 dollars. In total, you will donate 991.17 dollars. That’s $ 491.17 more than you borrowed and that’s the total cost of the loan. The interest rate for this version will therefore be 98.2%. The APR stated on the website is 651.4 percent.

What if I am late or want to pay back sooner?

If you are late with your repayment, you will be charged a $ 15 penalty. Also remember that from the next day you will also be charged interest on all outstanding capital. Usually, however, we know in advance that we will not be able to pay the installment. In such situations, the worst solution is to passively wait for developments. Such companies have experience with clients who have financial problems. It is also in their interest to communicate with you. So always contact the company. You will be able to set a new repayment plan. One that you’ll be able to cope with. It is usually the case that it will be definitely more beneficial for you than the situation in which you hide from the lender.

However, if you want to pay off your debt earlier, On Goodpoint does not charge any fees. You can do it at one time or in part. Remember that it is not enough to deduct the installments you have already paid off from your debt. The remaining main capital counts, it is the amount that you owe at the moment. Remember that in each installment you not only pay the debt, but pay interest. Therefore, for example, if you borrow 1000 dollars, pay back in 500 installments, it may turn out that if you wanted to give everything away immediately, you would have to pay 800 dollars. This means that the 300 dollars you have paid off was intended for interest, and only 200 dollars for repayment of principal.

Online payday loans direct lenders -Online loans direct lenders only: welcome Mon, 12 Aug 2019 09:20:42 +0000 If you want to borrow money or refinance a loan, you naturally want this at a low credit rate with a reliable lender. These tips will help you on your way to borrow money cheaply and responsibly at a low credit rate.

Online loans direct lenders only: All credit histories welcome

A low credit interest sounds attractive, but is often a temporary offer. Do you want to take out an online loan direct lender?

Compare providers

There are many providers who provide loans. In addition to all major banks, there are also specialized lenders. These lenders are often cheaper than a large bank. By properly comparing the loan conditions per provider, you are assured of the best offer. You will always receive free help with this from a consultant from the National Credit Checker.

Interest type: fixed or variable?

Is the credit interest fixed or variable? And if it is fixed, is it fixed for the entire duration of the loan as with a personal payday loan?

Beware of a so-called entry interest rate with a revolving credit. This often low interest is often intended to attract new customers. After the promotional period, the interest is often considerably higher, which often means that your advantage is quickly canceled out. That’s a shame.

A variable interest or entry interest is not in itself wrong. Certainly not if you have the flexibility and want to be able to pay or repay the loan. Then temporarily benefiting from a low interest rate can be smart. But does the loan lack this flexibility with a variable interest or entry interest.

A fixed interest rate gives you more certainty about the costs of the loan and whether you can continue to pay it. That way you know in advance where you stand. An example is the repayable loan, here you enjoy the lowest possible fixed interest rate.

Check the terms of the loan

An affordable credit interest is certainly not the only thing to look out for when taking out a loan. Before you take out a loan, it is advisable to read the terms of the loan carefully.
For example, how high is the interest rate and can it change during the term? Do you receive a fixed or variable interest rate? Is the interest fixed for the entire term? With a personal payday loan, the interest is fixed throughout the entire term. With a revolving credit, the interest is variable.

Do you pay off the loan or do you only pay credit interest on the loan? Can you pay extra at any time? Or do you pay a penalty for early repayment? Are there closing costs or consultancy costs? All things to find out before you take out or repay a loan.

Do you want to be sure that the loan fits in perfectly with your wishes and personal situation? Then contact an experienced credit specialist from the National Credit Checker.

Compare the current interest rates

Are you currently borrowing at a high interest rate? Compare your current interest rate with our current low rates. Our partner banks are the cheapest credit providers in the market. Comparing provides you with a considerable saving; We offer the lowest interest rates in the Netherlands with the best loan conditions! Transfer your loan now free of charge.

Can I transfer a loan on a credit card at 0%? Thu, 08 Aug 2019 04:32:22 +0000 Do you want to reduce the amount of interest you pay on an existing loan? A credit card with a 0% interest rate for a given period of time could be a useful way to achieve this goal.

Money transfer credit cards allow you to transfer existing non-credit card debt and benefit from a lower interest rate for a given period of time. This could help you repay your loan faster and improve your financial situation.

As always, there are a number of things to consider before getting a bank transfer credit card and potential pitfalls. Read on to find out more about them, as well as why a bank transfer credit card might be useful.

How does a money transfer credit card work?

How does a money transfer credit card work?

A credit transfer credit card works in the same way as a credit transfer credit card. In other words, the existing debt is transferred to a new credit card with a lower interest rate, sometimes 0%, for a given period. However, the transfer is often paying. These fees are often less than the amount of interest saved. As a result, you can often save money globally through a credit card with balance transfer or bank transfer.

The difference between a money transfer credit card and a balance transfer credit card is that it can only be used to transfer an existing credit card debt. With a bank transfer credit card, the money can be paid into any account and used to pay off, for example, a personal loan.

For example, an individual may have a personal loan of £ 5,000 with an interest rate of 7.5% and making a payment of £ 200 per month. Currently, it is possible to obtain a money transfer credit card with a 0% interest rate for 28 months, but charging a 3% fee for a transfer. Obtaining such a card could allow the borrower to repay his loan three months faster, saving him £ 287 in interest after fees.

Potential pitfalls

Potential pitfalls

Although the use of a credit transfer credit card can reduce interest payments during the 0% period, the interest rate can return at a relatively high rate. Thus, borrowers who do not repay their loan at the end of the interest-free period may end up paying a higher amount in interest than if they had stayed with their original loan.

In addition, some lenders charge a fee to settle an advance loan. It is important to consider fees before considering how much you can save by getting a credit card with wire transfer.

Money transfer credit cards can offer low interest rates on transferred debts. However, the interest rate applied to new purchases may be higher than for other credit cards. Therefore, it is worth shopping around to make sure you get the best deal. It may even be worthwhile to have a different credit card for everyday use.

To take away

To take away

A bank transfer credit card can be a useful way to transfer an existing loan at a lower interest rate, up to 0%. This can allow you to repay an existing debt faster and reduce interest payments.

However, it is essential to take into account all fees when calculating the obtaining of a money transfer card. It is also prudent to repay the loan before the end of the 0% interest rate period, as money transfer credit cards can impose high interest rates on new purchases.

Whether you’re looking for rewards, cash back, 0% interest, or a credit card to help you establish your credit, our list of the best credit cards contains cards that may be right for you.


Facilitating Career Change Thanks to a Private Loan Thu, 25 Jul 2019 21:18:56 +0000 The reasons for wanting to change jobs can be very varied. One thing is certain: when your work does not satisfy you anymore and is only a source of worry and frustration, it is better to leave it before the situation adversely affects other spheres of life. your life.

However, it is normal to hesitate before making such an important decision. Depriving yourself of a significant source of income for a while can be disturbing. To support you in such a process, a private lender may well give you some money, securing your financial situation while reorienting your career.

A private loan to plan for the long term

When you make the decision to leave a job, you may be able to count on a certain amount, such as severance pay. However, it is difficult to plan a budget without being able to count on a steady inflow of money as can be generated by daily work. In this sense, by contracting a private loan, you will be able to get your hands on a considerable sum that you can put aside and thus retain a margin of maneuver in case your career change requires a certain amount of time. This way, you make sure you can maintain your quality of life and that of your loved ones without accumulating late fees if you stay out of work longer than you expect.

Finance your training with a private loan

A new vocation sometimes requires specific training . Attending classes inevitably entails costs. Whether it’s because of prices for textbooks, office supplies, or registration fees, the bill can go up quite quickly. It would be a shame if the specter of these fees prevents you from making a decision that could possibly give a whole new lease of life to your career. That’s why you should not hesitate to use a private lender to invest in your professional future and free yourself from this economic burden.

An unpaid internship, a good reason to apply for a private loan

If your dream job asks you to accept a probationary period, such as an unpaid internship, you should not let financial uncertainty hinder your momentum. Sometimes an internship is the best gateway to a challenging career. If you succeed in making yourself indispensable to the leaders of the company that welcomes you as a trainee, they may well offer you a salary and interesting working conditions to ensure that you keep your services.

This means that by applying for a private loan without a credit check, you can rest easy, knowing that you have a financial cushion that can balance your budget while you complete your unpaid internship. Workplace. Once you’ve landed the job you want, it will be easy to pay back the money you’ve borrowed.

In conclusion, your priority should always be filled by the job you do. If you feel that your career no longer meets your aspirations, do not hesitate to spread your wings to join better heavens. To support you monetarily, there will always be the possibility of relying on a private loan .

Ways to Make Money at Home Sat, 20 Jul 2019 00:32:49 +0000 Making money at home seems like a dream. The good news is that it only depends on you. In the current market, which stimulates more and more activities exercised in the home office model, there are several options to increase income without leaving the apartment. From jobs like freelancing to reselling affiliate products through the creation and monetization of online content, there are possibilities for professionals of the most different backgrounds. Check out 5 ways to make money without leaving home:

Working as a freelancer

Working as a freelancer

Working as a freelancer does not require a superstructure: just a computer with internet access, telephone and some specific skills, according to the service that will be offered to customers. It is an activity tailored for people who work in areas such as writing and editing texts, designers, PR and IT professionals. Among the advantages of working as a freelancer are the flexibility of time and the ability to manage the demands according to their availability. To win customers and increase work visibility, it is important to invest in the website with the portfolio and mini resume.

Selling products online


Bicycle, stove, collection of books, clothes. The list of items that you no longer use and can be easily sold over the internet is huge. To make money from home, try selling things that are webbed. It does not take much: you can start by selling your items for sites like Free Market and then creating a website of your own. In addition to your own products you can sell items from friends or buy products from China and resell them.

Reselling products as an affiliate

Reselling products as an affiliate

By becoming an affiliate marketer, you begin to work and receive commission from a particular company. Who is a Free Market Affiliate, for example, analysis and indicates the products that are sold within the site and if someone accesses that item through the indication that you made and the purchase you get the commission for it. In addition to the Free Market, you can search for products from sites like Submarine and Hotmart and learn how to sell them over the internet.

Creating, publishing and monetizing content online

Use Google in your favor and create, publish and monetize online content through Adsense, which is nothing more than an ad that you do not stop seeing on the sites you browse. You can create and publish ads in a variety of formats, such as video, image, or text.

Working as a translator

Who speaks and writes some foreign language fluently can make money at home as a translator. Books, articles and all kinds of text can be translated, just as there is the option of working as a translator directly to companies or individuals. There are several websites that offer job opportunities for translators such as Elance, Freela and Craiglist. You can also contact directly publishers to offer their services.

A private loan, is that a good idea? Thu, 11 Jul 2019 04:51:17 +0000 Normally you go to a bank if you need money to apply for a loan. But in some cases that is no longer possible. You may have been blacklisted because you have had payment problems in the past. Banks will then place you on that list so that you cannot apply for a new loan. Or because you already have too many loans, banks can also refuse you with a new application. Then it is advisable to first pay off those loans and then apply for a new one. If you can’t do anything else, you can also go for a private loan. It is a bit risky, but it can solve your financial problem.

Borrow money privately – is that a good idea?

Borrow money privately - is that a good idea?

If you are going to borrow privately, you borrow from an acquaintance, friend or family member. So there is no bank involved. You must of course realize that it can go wrong because there is no supervision. Both the borrower and you can withdraw at any time and then problems may arise. So it is certainly advisable to put everything clearly on paper. The person from whom you borrow can demand that a document state how many months have been agreed to make the repayment. As well as that a cost percentage has been charged. With late payments or no payments, measures can also be taken. If you borrow through a private loan, you therefore have the same obligations as with a bank. So it is not an easy way to get money.

Private loan

Private loan

If you are asked to give a private loan you have to think about it. This is about a person who is blacklisted or who already has too many loans. Does he then still have sufficient resources to take out another loan? The burden of paying off loans cannot be underestimated. It can really feel like a rock around your neck. And you also have other costs such as monthly shopping, heating, electricity, water and the like. So there is more to come and you have to be well aware of that.

If you nevertheless agree, then you must put everything properly on paper. And ensure that payments are always made on time. As soon as there is a late payment, you do not have to worry yet, but then you can already show a sharp response to the borrower. You are entitled to timely payments. Also include a cost percentage for late payments, should problems arise.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of credit cards? Thu, 04 Jul 2019 04:25:40 +0000 Do you think you can get a credit card? This could help you spread the cost of purchases while offering purchase protection over other forms of payment. In addition, credit cards can help reduce existing interest payments while offering rewards and cash back in some cases.

Similarly, credit cards have a number of disadvantages: you may end up paying interest on any debt, additional fees may be charged for the use of the card under certain circumstances, and the use of the card may be limited in certain situations.

It is therefore worth considering the advantages and disadvantages of a credit card. Here’s how to do just that.

Benefits of credit cards

Benefits of credit cards

One of the main advantages of a credit card is the ability to spread the cost of a purchase. It is possible to buy goods or services and not pay for them immediately, which can help improve the financial flexibility of the consumer. This is a debit card in which the funds must be in the current account of an individual to be able to make a transaction.

Credit cards also offer greater consumer protection than other forms of payment. If the good or service costs more than £ 100, the payment of a portion of the purchase with a credit card means that the product or service is covered by Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act . This legislation stipulates that a credit card company is jointly and severally liable with a retailer for any problem during a purchase. Defective products or the non-provision of a service, as described, are examples.

A number of credit cards offer rewards or cash back, which are accumulated when a credit card is used and can allow consumers to maximize the benefits they receive on their daily expenses.

Balance transfer credit cards could help people with existing debt reduce the amount of interest they pay. There may be a balance transfer fee, but a lower interest rate, which can go up to 0%, can help improve an individual’s financial prospects.

Disadvantages of credit cards

Disadvantages of credit cards

Because credit cards are a form of debt, they can be risky if they are not managed effectively. If the balance is not fully refunded each month, interest charges are charged. Interest costs can be much higher than for other types of debt, such as mortgages or personal loans, and it can become more difficult to repay the initial balance as interest increases.

Credit cards also have limited utility in certain scenarios, for example if a person needs cash. Interest is generally charged to cash withdrawals made with a credit card. The use of an ATM with a credit card may also incur charges.

Some credit cards also charge additional fees for use abroad. Transaction costs other than sterling are commonplace in the credit card industry and apply to all payments in currencies other than sterling. Travel credit cards often incur lower fees for use abroad, but may have high interest rates compared to non-travel credit cards.

Is a credit card for you?

Is a credit card for you?

Credit cards can be a useful payment method in some situations. The protection they offer compared to other forms of payment and the financial flexibility they offer could make it a good idea for many consumers. Similarly, rewards and cash back can be surprisingly high in the long run.

However, credit cards require careful management. It is too easy to oversize in terms of the amount of debt accumulated. This can result in high interest costs. Therefore, it is useful to take into account your own financial situation and your attitude towards budgeting before applying for a credit card.

There are great credit card offers – just find out where to look! If you are looking for the best deals on the market, we suggest you start with our list of the best credit cards.


Short-term credit – Short-term credit providers Mini Loan Tue, 11 Jun 2019 00:33:29 +0000 A short-term credit are often loans that you can take out against a deadline of 45 days. Mention these loans with “mini loans”. When taking out a mini loan you can opt for an amount between € 100 and € 800. However, this entirely depends on the provider where you want to borrow the amount. There are different providers available to take out a short-term credit.

Short-term credit providers

Short-term credit providers

Many consumers find it an absolute outcome to be able to rely on a short-term credit. Especially in these times it often happens that people want to borrow a small amount of money somewhere quickly. If you can’t go to relatives or friends, a short-term credit is the solution.

Below you will find an overview of providers where you can take out a short term credit. In the description you will find extra information about the term and the maximum loan. Please note that the costs are calculated for the

Short-term credit apply for the maximum term

Short-term credit apply for the maximum term

short-term credit apply for the maximum term at which you take out the credit.

If you do not repay the short-term credit within the pre-agreed term, then extra high costs will be charged. You can view these costs as a ticket / fine. Only take out the loan if you can repay the amount within the term.

Take out a short-term credit?

Taking out a short-term credit is actually very simple. Via the website of the relevant providers you enter how much money you want to borrow and for what duration. After submitting the application form, your application will be evaluated.

If your application is approved, the money is usually in your account within 20 minutes to half an hour. Always read the loan conditions carefully! That way you know exactly what is expected of you and what you can expect from the provider. You are then also aware of the rules that are applied when the loan is not repaid on time.

Short-term credit Tagged with: Good Lender borrow money mortgage mortgage calculate loan request loan without Good Lender mini loan debts

Payday Loan Providers Sun, 26 May 2019 04:33:14 +0000 In fact, not much has changed since I wrote about the providers in the previous year. Nevertheless, it is worth reviewing this form of credit once again and sees whether details and/or conditions may have changed. After an earlier storm of criticism about the working methods of the providers of a payday loan, you will only find two in the Netherlands and they are also from the same company.

Where it is no problem in other European countries to provide this type of short-term loans, in the Netherlands it always keeps scouring between the provider and the government. The AFM, in particular, is keeping a close eye on this and in the event of any violations of the regulations, this supervisor will take immediate action. Not only with sky-high fines, but also with the summation to stop offering in the Netherlands.


Payday loan remains popular

Mini loan remains popular

Despite all these conditions with regard to the payday loan, this loan form remains very popular. If we can believe the scant public figures, this is tens of thousands of new loans per year. Certainly worth paying attention to.

Borrowing in this way is expensive and certainly not advisable to use with great regularity. However, if you are once in a great financial need, you can make a conscious choice for this and take the high costs once in a while. It is not handy to fill in financial gaps, it is far too expensive for that.


Which providers will there be in 2019?

Which providers will there be in 2019?

As previously written, nothing has changed compared to 2018 and we can still use the same providers. After a difficult start, Moneytum and Caldaloan have been active on the Dutch market for many years. With both you can go from € 100 with a maximum of € 1500.

With the last amount you have the option to repay in 2 installments with a maximum duration of 62 days. You have to take out a guarantee for both providers and here the costs are hidden. I have written extensively about the exact costs of a payday loan with one of these two. When you read this information you know exactly what the total costs are at the end of the ride. The interest payable is unchanged at 13.99%. Slightly below the legal maximum of 14%.


Why would you choose this?


If you are in an acute need for money once, you need money quickly and you do not worry about the costs, then you can use it once. You can say a lot of this loan, but it is super fast in your account (usually within 24 hours). This is an advantage, after all, you do not request this for luxury reasons.

On the website of the providers, it is very clearly indicated that the end of the term must comply. Read all information shown carefully so that you know exactly what you are starting. It is always better to ask someone in your area for help, much cheaper and you probably don’t have to sign a contract.


More explanation

I have written a lot about the payday loan in the past and will, therefore, limit myself here to listing useful information that you can find elsewhere on this website. Have you read enough information and do you want to continue with it.

Then view the payday loan request page. Here you can go directly to the provider of your choice and request a free quote. Again, read carefully what you are starting to do and do not do it if it causes you further problems.