Secrets of Who Saves Money

Are you one of those people who tries, but can not save money? It is easy to find someone who has started to save or private pension and who, in the middle of the way, has given up giving continuity to the plans. More common still is finding those who promised earlier this year that in the next 12 months they would have the right amount to buy the much-sought-after car.

We know that few people get the feat of keeping some money saved. And we understand that it is not out of lack of will or future goals. What you need to discover is simple: the secrets of who really saves money. Then just follow the tips and do the same. Let’s start?

Who do you know understands about finances?

Who do you know understands about finances?

It’s easy to find people who boast about being good at mathematical calculations and understanding about finances, investments, and the like. It is very difficult to find whoever aligns theory with practice. The first step you need to take is to study and learn about finance.

Read good books on the subject (even beginners books), and if you can, take some financial management courses, there are many good options, including free, on the internet. This will be the basis of its construction, without it, the temptation to spend all the money before the first “perrengue” or the first promotion is stronger.

Who saves plans the expenses

Who saves plans the expenses

Monthly, define your essential expenses. Always remember to set aside an amount to be spared. Using a spending spreadsheet is a big help at those times.

Who do you think is the habit of searching?

Who do you think is the habit of searching?

Researching and finding the best value for money should be a habit, just like brushing your teeth. You can save a lot on month purchases, for example, if you do a search for your region and shop in the supermarket where the items are most in account.

Whoever spares appreciates the workforce


Only you can tell how much you need to earn 100 reais, for example. Your vital energy, your time, and your health are your most precious assets. Cherish them. Before opening your wallet to pay for those sneakers, think if there is not a similar one in your closet.

Who saves stipulates

If you do not set a monthly percentage to be saved, you will never achieve your goals. It is necessary to draw the goal, before chasing it. So, from the math and set a fixed amount to save every month. If you are a freelancer, set a percentage for each job delivered and do it religiously. If, in a given period, you can save more, then save. But the value initially set should be put in a box without holes.

Who saves you discipline

Do not be seduced by bombastic offers, do not believe in sweeping promotions and, especially, do not be a slave to consumerism. You are the one who should consciously drive your desires. You are the one who must establish what goods you need most.

They seem like simple advice, but they are valuable secrets that hide a deep message about taking the reins of your financial life. Those who let themselves be led by the occasion and those who live without thinking about the future can find some unpleasant surprises later on. Therefore, make an effort and cultivate the healthy habits of the savvy savers. You will be amazed at the results!