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A short-term credit are often loans that you can take out against a deadline of 45 days. Mention these loans with “mini loans”. When taking out a mini loan you can opt for an amount between € 100 and € 800. However, this entirely depends on the provider where you want to borrow the amount. There are different providers available to take out a short-term credit.

Short-term credit providers

Short-term credit providers

Many consumers find it an absolute outcome to be able to rely on a short-term credit. Especially in these times it often happens that people want to borrow a small amount of money somewhere quickly. If you can’t go to relatives or friends, a short-term credit is the solution.

Below you will find an overview of providers where you can take out a short term credit. In the description you will find extra information about the term and the maximum loan. Please note that the costs are calculated for the

Short-term credit apply for the maximum term

Short-term credit apply for the maximum term

short-term credit apply for the maximum term at which you take out the credit.

If you do not repay the short-term credit within the pre-agreed term, then extra high costs will be charged. You can view these costs as a ticket / fine. Only take out the loan if you can repay the amount within the term.

Take out a short-term credit?

Taking out a short-term credit is actually very simple. Via the website of the relevant providers you enter how much money you want to borrow and for what duration. After submitting the application form, your application will be evaluated.

If your application is approved, the money is usually in your account within 20 minutes to half an hour. Always read the loan conditions carefully! That way you know exactly what is expected of you and what you can expect from the provider. You are then also aware of the rules that are applied when the loan is not repaid on time.

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