Ways to Make Money at Home

Making money at home seems like a dream. The good news is that it only depends on you. In the current market, which stimulates more and more activities exercised in the home office model, there are several options to increase income without leaving the apartment. From jobs like freelancing to reselling affiliate products through the creation and monetization of online content, there are possibilities for professionals of the most different backgrounds. Check out 5 ways to make money without leaving home:

Working as a freelancer

Working as a freelancer

Working as a freelancer does not require a superstructure: just a computer with internet access, telephone and some specific skills, according to the service that will be offered to customers. It is an activity tailored for people who work in areas such as writing and editing texts, designers, PR and IT professionals. Among the advantages of working as a freelancer are the flexibility of time and the ability to manage the demands according to their availability. To win customers and increase work visibility, it is important to invest in the website with the portfolio and mini resume.

Selling products online


Bicycle, stove, collection of books, clothes. The list of items that you no longer use and can be easily sold over the internet is huge. To make money from home, try selling things that are webbed. It does not take much: you can start by selling your items for sites like Free Market and then creating a website of your own. In addition to your own products you can sell items from friends or buy products from China and resell them.

Reselling products as an affiliate

Reselling products as an affiliate

By becoming an affiliate marketer, you begin to work and receive commission from a particular company. Who is a Free Market Affiliate, for example, analysis and indicates the products that are sold within the site and if someone accesses that item through the indication that you made and the purchase you get the commission for it. In addition to the Free Market, you can search for products from sites like Submarine and Hotmart and learn how to sell them over the internet.

Creating, publishing and monetizing content online

Use Google in your favor and create, publish and monetize online content through Adsense, which is nothing more than an ad that you do not stop seeing on the sites you browse. You can create and publish ads in a variety of formats, such as video, image, or text.

Working as a translator

Who speaks and writes some foreign language fluently can make money at home as a translator. Books, articles and all kinds of text can be translated, just as there is the option of working as a translator directly to companies or individuals. There are several websites that offer job opportunities for translators such as Elance, Freela and Craiglist. You can also contact directly publishers to offer their services.