Bitglass Where’s Your Data Experiment 2021: Why You Should Care About Where Your Data Is Going


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In 2015, several events occurred in the tech world that have had a huge impact on our lives today, such as Google making its powerful Artificial Intelligence (TensorFlow) technology open source, the start of the streaming war. multimedia and the introduction of the Apple Watch to the world. Also this year a first of its kind experience, managed by Bitglass, tracked where stolen data passed through the “Dark Web”.

The 2015 experience found that in two weeks, stolen data was viewed over 1,000 times and downloaded 47 times by people around the world. In a the Wall Street newspaper In article covering the experiment, Bitglass CEO Nat Kausik said: “What we have found is that there is a fairly liquid market for stolen data.”

The Bitglass Threat Research Group rerun the experiment and compared the 2021 results to those of 2015. What they found was interesting, informative, and alarming. Some of the main findings include:

  • Stolen data has a wider reach and moves faster
  • Dark Web activity has grown darker
  • Cybercriminals are closer than you might think.

The initial impetus for the report was to provide IT and security managers with the actionable information they need to carefully navigate a new reality where corporate data goes beyond the traditional firewall. Today that motivation is not only unchanged but has become more important than ever, now that the world is fully immersed in digital transformation and data has become a precious commodity, cybercriminals are rushing forward to take advantage of this opportunity. very lucrative.

For IT and security managers, now that you know where the stolen data is going; The question now is: what are you going to do about it?

You can read the results of the experiment and tips on how to prevent your data from being stolen. here.

2021 Where is your data experience report

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