Fresno Health Clinic System Announces ‘Encryption Event’ and Data Breach


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published on November 22, 2021 – 1:04 PM
Written by Business Journal staff

San Joaquin Valley United Health Centers announced on Friday it was the victim of a data breach incident that apparently began in August.

The federally licensed health center based in Fresno has a few dozen clinics in the Central Valley. The system provides approximately 200,000 medical, dental and other consultations per year.

On August 28, the UHC suffered a disruption in certain computer systems which an investigation determined a day later “was caused by an encryption event”. UHC’s electronic health record system was not affected.

“UHC has worked quickly to restore its systems from available backups to avoid disruption in patient care,” according to a press release.

On September 22, UHC determined that some of its related data had been posted on an unindexed website, more commonly known as the “dark web”. Information that may have been affected includes demographic and clinical information such as names, addresses, dates of birth, social security numbers, diagnosis, supplier, and drug information.

UHC is currently working with a third-party service provider to confirm the type and extent of the incident.

“Once UHC completes its investigation, which includes a detailed review of potentially impacted data to determine the types of information involved and to whom it relates, UHC will provide written notice directly to those affected,” according to A press release.

UHC encourages individuals to remain vigilant against attempted identity theft and fraud. Visit the CSU Incident Page for more information.

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