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New Delhi: India faced more terrorist attacks in the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020, than in the previous year, with 37% of these incidents reported in Jammu and Kashmir , according to data compiled by the US State Department.

Data shows that there were 10,172 terrorist attacks in 98 countries in 2020, 1,300 more than the incidents reported in 2019.

A total of 679 terrorism-related incidents were reported in India last year, in which 567 people were killed (2% of deaths worldwide in terrorist attacks in 2020). In 2019, 655 terrorist attacks were recorded in the country, according to US data.

Even though India was in the top 10 countries for most terrorist incidents last year, it was not in the top 10 for deaths. Afghanistan reported 1,722 terrorist attacks, followed by Syria (1,322) and DR Congo (999).

US data reveals that the Indian states with the most terrorist incidents were Jammu and Kashmir with 257 incidents (37.8%), Chhattisgarh with 145 incidents (21.4%) and Jharkhand with 69 incidents (10.2%).

Data from the Union’s Home Office, however, shows that 244 terrorist attacks took place in J&K in 2020. The government shared this data in Parliament on March 23 of this year.

The Center said terrorist incidents in J&K had declined since the cancellation of Section 370 on August 5, 2019 and that the valley’s main terrorist networks had been dismantled by security forces.

The Home Office did not respond to a question about the difference in data on terrorist incidents in 2020.

The US State Department report said “Indian security agencies are effective in disrupting terrorist threats, although gaps remain in intelligence and information sharing between agencies.”

Among perpetrators in India, according to US data, the CPI-Maoist remained the fourth most destructive group in the world in 2020, with 298 incidents and 202 deaths. They were behind 44% of the total (679) terrorist attacks in the country, while Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and Hizbul Mujahideen were responsible for 6% of all incidents. According to records, 29% of terrorist incidents were not attributable to any outfit in India.

The Taliban (including the Haqqani Network) were responsible for the highest number of terrorist incidents (1,325) and deaths (7,417) in 2020, followed by ISIS-Core (which includes ISIS elements in Iraq and Syria) , al-Shabaab, CPI-Maoists and ISIS-RD Congo, according to the American analysis.

Mumbai-based national security analyst Sameer Patil said: “The pandemic has allowed many terrorist groups around the world to regroup and step up their activities, as much of the attention during the past year has focused on containing the Covid epidemic and enforcing blockages. The same can be said for left-wing extremist groups in India. “

“Regarding the situation in the Kashmir Valley, the main terrorist tanzeems have banded together under different front organizations to commit random acts of violence targeting the security forces, minorities and other vulnerable sections of society. To carry out this violence, they relied on the Over Ground Workers, who also helped them escape the net of the security forces. This type of violence was sensational but also difficult to sustain, which is exactly what happened, ”he said.


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