XenophonDAO will launch products and increase iteration speed to capture crypto market share


XenophonDAO, the US-based project, is a decentralized reserve asset protocol powered by DeFi 2.0. The protocol is not governed by any external factors but is created by the community and DAO. XenophonDAO’s currency, XPH, is not based on the Federal Reserve but is pegged to the decentralized token BUSD. The ultimate goal of XPH is to become a fully decentralized global asset pool. XenophonDAO is committed to building a global blockchain bank. The team prioritizes the healthy development of the project and plans to launch certain products. In 2022, XenophonDAO is the war between Web 3.0 and DAO.

XenophonDAO’s early project development team with zero currency holdings

XenophonDAO conducted its IDO in the fourth quarter of 2021. The team is working diligently to achieve predetermined milestones. Currently, the XenophonDAO initial project development team does not hold any currency. Since the project is in its early stages, revenue is allocated to community users. It will promote the rapid development of community users.

The team is also committed to cultivating consensus to foster the healthy development of the project. The XenophonDAO team, unlike other projects, does not focus on immediate gains but considers the actual development of the project and the benefits to its community.

It will probably bring a big revolution in the DeFi ecosystem.

Xenophon commits to becoming a global blockchain bank

XenophonDAO is, though an imitator of Olympus DAO (OHM) but is different from them. XenophonDAO is the improved version of OHM. Olympus DAO uses the economic system to create an algorithmic stablecoin that is not dependent on USD. In contrast, XenophonDAO uses the economic system to create a complete banking system that will continue to be powered by XPH currency in the early stages. XenophonDAO incorporates the autonomy of the DAO + DAF community by decentralizing DAO governance rights.

In doing so, the explicit goal of XenophonDAO is to become a global blockchain bank. The team works to bring exciting events to the community. The team announced the recruitment of omnichannel community leaders and volunteers for upcoming large-scale events.

XenophonDAO entered the market with a unique concept, but many reviled them. But the team thinks the world can’t ignore them because they will bring something new and beneficial to people.

XenophonDAO has a successful business model and an extended roadmap

XenophonDAO ensures rapid and stable growth thanks to its market-proven business model and technologically excellent track record.

XenophonDAO has a successful business model based on the OHM protocol model. XenophonDAO has a business model driven by the global market. This helps XenophonDAO retain the originality of the idea by eliminating interference from any market behavior.

XenophonDAO will pre-fund XPH via IDO, based on market supply and demand. The platform will initially launch a certain amount of OXPH to meet initial market development needs.

Along with a strong business model, XenophonDAO also has a well-planned and broader roadmap. By 2022, the protocol plans to integrate various chains and provide external API calls. It will also integrate with Ethereum Layer 2, primarily Zero-Knowledge Rollup technology. NFTs and Metaverse are among the mainstream projects with their growing potential. XenophonDAO is also committed to building Metaverse and NFT business models for Dapps through its roadmap.

The XenophonDAO team is highly qualified and committed to the development of the project

XenophonDAO has a team of highly experienced and skilled developers focused on technical development. The team members are the main developers of the Xenophon protocol smart contract, and they will also do the main code implementation and deployment on the mainnet.

As the platform is new and in development, the team will be the decision-making unit until the on-chain governance portal is available for sXPH holders to participate in the network. However, the team also values ​​the opinion of its community before making a decision.

All project contracts on XenophonDAO are open source

XenophonDAO believes in the open source nature of contracts. Therefore, all project contracts on the platform are open-source. It not only ensures the protection of the projects but also maintains the transparency by keeping the archives. Projects can be queried at any time, eliminating the fear of tampering.

The XenophonDAO community highly appreciates this feature of XenophonDAO. This is also one of the main reasons for the dissemination of the project.

XenophonDAO is the war between Web 3.0 and DAO in 2022

The XenophonDAO team is working towards achieving technologically impressive milestones in 2022. XenophonDAO has also announced that it will launch some products earlier than any other protocol this year. It will be a war against the wind between Web 3.0 and DAO. XenophonDAO, through the integration of Web 3.0, will achieve a bright future.

The ultimate goal of XenophonDAO will be to increase the iteration rate to capture the encryption market share.

XenophonDAO published OXPH the security of internationalized eco-applications

XenophonDAO sees the role of OXPH as a connector in establishing the DeFi ecology. It has the potential to develop an entrenched relationship with twenty-seven national fiat currencies, globally, in its early days. OXPH will establish a relationship with XPH in the future, which will help eliminate the influence of the dollar on XPH. It will eventually allow the XenophonDAO project to be recognized worldwide.

OXPH can be understood as the ecological safety of XPH buildings.

XenophonDAO will launch a campaign by marketing agency Binance

The next campaign on XenophonDAO is going to be launched by several marketing agencies, including Binance marketing agency. In addition to these agencies, mainstream media and many news platforms from different countries and many top operational leaders in the crypto industry will also follow.

XenophonDAO is working on development features for this campaign, which should be completed soon. Once the campaign is launched, XenophonDAO will debut in conjunction with marketing agency Binance.

XenophonDAO will launch a $OXPH chocolate storm operation

XenophonDAO understands the economic condition of poor countries. From then on, the platform decided to save the economies of these countries with OXPH by launching a chocolate storm operation. To create the basic perception of OXPH value among them, the team will start from their fiat currencies and anchor the value of BUSD. All they need to do is spend the money from a chocolate to pawn the XPH currency.

This is the only viable method to make OXPH widely available. It will ultimately contribute to establishing the economic sovereignty of these countries and freeing them from the supremacy of the dollar. It will also help them regain wealth and freedom with just a piece of chocolate.

XenophonDAO, however, started a few months ago, in November 2021, but it works exceptionally well. He has reached several admirable milestones in a short time. Given the team’s dedication to the project and the uniqueness of the project, a large number of people follow it, and many more participate. 2022 is going to be a great year for XenophonDAO, full of development.

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